Why do some people achieve so much with their lives and others don’t?

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve so much with their lives and others don’t?

As you close out the year and plan for the year ahead, at the center of it all is YOU. As your goals and possibilities evolve, so will you.

As soon as you do, you start becoming.

Simply thinking and writing your outrageous and audacious goals, you start becoming the person who can do outrageous and audacious things.

Who do I want to become? This may be the most important question of my life, and might be just as powerful for you.

  • Someone who wants to create massive impact and massive value; while I don’t have all of the answers, this is my intention and how I want to approach each day

  • Someone who is enough even on my worst days

  • Someone who manages their calendar in pursuit of control, intention and for space to grow and for self-care

  • Someone who works on becoming more patient and knows that life is hard, and that’s to be expected

  • Someone who doesn’t rush to judgment, and instead comes from a place of curiosity

  • Someone who desires mastery but knows I’m a work in progress

  • Someone who works to manage stress by giving myself grace

  • Someone who shows up consistently and authentically

With this list, I can now look for opportunities to work on creating my most extraordinary life.

This along with my audacious and outrageous goals is my trifecta.

With focus and recognition of who I want to become, I can begin the process of becoming.

You become a marathon runner when you first declare it.

Have you taken the time to look back to do an audit of your 2021?

Have you created your 2022 possibility statement?

Go through the exercises I've written about last few weeks, and ask yourself,

Who will I become?

Start solving, understanding, and answering that. It may just be the most important question you ask yourself to make 2022 your most extraordinary year yet.

Think this is a waste of time? That thinking has you staying the same.

Lack of intention lacks clarity, and without clarity where are you going?

‘The next version of you is the one who will pursue the ambition all the previous versions were unable to accomplish.’

Bob Goff.


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