On a mission to help you achieve your extraordinary, especially when life gets in the way. With 30 years of sales, marketing and leadership experience working for big-name media brands and a background in service and consulting industries, I help people and businesses achieve more than they thought possible

"Thank you for being an authentic person eagerly sharing your personal and professional insights. The seminar last week was invigorating. Your presentation was the true meaning of spring cleaning...emotionally and professionally."   


- R. Dangler

"Christina has been hands-on at every step of my journey to find balance in life. She’s knowledgeable and fiercely compassionate leading the way through the deeply personal experience of finding joy in life after the unexpected change. " 


- Amy D. 

"I have worked closely with Christina and found her coaching and advice to be direct and challenging yet revealing.  She helps you sort the stories we tell ourselves from the real facts.  She is able to probe my concerns and fears and frustration and provides insights to challenge my thinking. I highly recommend Christina for anyone looking for career and life advice who wants feedback that is direct and targeted with recommendations to help you to step into the fears you may have for the future with a knowing, firm, listening and caring ear."                        


- Michele F. 

"I am so fortunate my life’s path intersected with yours. And in this past year I have grown so much – BECAUSE OF YOU.  You have shown me things about myself I did not see. And for this, I will forever be grateful."                           


- Meredith K.

"Christina gave me the tools to cope with the reoccurring 'pit in my stomach'.  Whether you are asking for a raise, transitioning or looking for ways to empower yourself professionally or personally. Christina’s coaching is unique. She took the time to understand what makes me tick as an individual, got me unstuck and gave me the skills to move forward."


- Colleen O.

My ideal client is open to questioning, feedback, accountability, and to writing a new script for their future.

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