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Does this sound like you?

The joy from your work no longer feels joyful. 

You've stopped seeing possibilities.
Your calendar is full, but is it full of the right things?

You want growth but how do you plan a year from now when the focus is on today's goals? 

You've self-edited your goals and dreams one too many times.

You want to make a difference with balance, ease and on your terms. 

You can change it all.

I can help you...










Strengthen your management and leadership skills so you can powerfully lead yourself and your team.


Break the assumptions that have held you back.


Develop new perspectives for creating a scalable sustainable business without giving up your life. 

Reignite your confidence and begin to trust yourself again. 

Dynamically lead a business that leaves its mark. 


Create a vision for your extraordinary future.

Success is not a solo endeavor

What results you can expect from working with me ...

You will have clarity around the value you want to create and the impact you want to make.

You will joyfully move your business to the next level - no longer feeling like you are getting your butt kicked everyday.

You will experience a renewed level of confidence and strengthen your voice in support of yourself, business or career.

You will SEE and FEEL the success you can attain given your new clarity around what you want. 

You will show up as your best-self more often and when you need it the most.

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Christina has shown me that if I spend time to make time – I’ll no longer feel like I am running on empty with no time for self-care. She helped me create a vision board for myself, with my goals for the year – achievable goals that are both professional and personal. She helped me create a calendar that I love. I have built-in time to work out, cook, and decompress. I have built-in time to perform clinical research and write papers and teach. I have found my hiking boots again and frequently get lost in the woods on purpose.

Christina has been hands-on at every step of my journey to find balance in life. She’s knowledgeable and fiercely compassionate leading the way through the deeply personal experience of finding joy in life after the unexpected change.  

Amy Currie, Co-Founder Hot Dish Productions 

I was good at doing what I had to DO but  I wasn’t very good at figuring out who I wanted to BE.  I had a million excuses.  Fortunately Christina patiently gave me the tools and the courage to make the shift from business woman to artist, from advisor to student.  I have started my art practice and learn something new everyday.  I don’t think I would have made this transition without Christina.  Life has never been better!


Julie Fuoti Groves, COO Emilcott & Artis

I felt I was treading water without having a clear picture of what I wanted to do for my business and how to stay on track in my business. I FEEL so much better about where I am in my business and who I am in my business. I learned to let go of forcing a very strict schedule, one where I basically woke up and was behind, to a schedule that worked with me as who I am. Instead of forcing or white-knuckling something, I learned to embrace my strengths and weaknesses and create a schedule that left me feeling accomplished and empowered more often than not.

Real Estate Investor

At a very challenging time, Christina gave me the tools to take back my confidence. With Christina’s guidance in carefully crafting my “me in a minute,” I was able to own my personal story and win my interviews. Thank you for getting me back in the ring, and building the foundation to continue writing my story. Your job search advice and assistance was invaluable!   

Steve O'Reilly, Sales Executive

Christina gave me the tools to cope with the reoccurring 'pit in my stomach'.  Whether you are asking for a raise, transitioning or looking for ways to empower yourself professionally or personally. Christina’s coaching is unique. She took the time to understand what makes me tick as an individual, got me unstuck and gave me the skills to move forward.

Colleen, Sales Executive

I have worked closely with Christina and found her coaching and advice to be direct and challenging yet revealing.  She helps you sort the stories we tell ourselves from the real facts.  She is able to probe my concerns and fears and frustration and provides insights to challenge my thinking. I highly recommend Christina for anyone looking for career and life advice who wants feedback that is direct and targeted with recommendations to help you to step into the fears you may have for the future with a knowing, firm, listening and caring ear.    


Michele, Executive Vice President 

My biggest struggle was trusting myself and building my confidence. I now feel more relaxed about decision making, daily living and maintaining a positive outlook. Always moving forward and getting out of my negative story loop. The journaling and exercises helped me create my future. But, the weekly meetings with Christina keep me motivated, focused, and inspired.                                                                         

Publishing Executive

Christina helped me step back and start to clarify my vision again.  She challenged me to dream big and not take anything as a given, including that I should stay with my current company.  When things changed significantly for us mid-coaching contract (we unexpectedly went under LOI to sell and I unexpectedly became "parent" to a young child), she was able to quickly pivot our work to focus on my evolving needs. Christina did a great job helping me surface both the vision for my life/career and also what I am most passionate about.  She did not approach the work with a set agenda or outcome, but instead listened and helped me clarify my own feelings and needs surrounding work.  She also challenged me to be a better self-advocate.

Natalie, C.E.O

My ideal client is open to questioning, feedback, accountability, and to writing a new script for their future.

Dr. Somi Javaid, MD & Founder of HerMD

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