High Five

As we start a new year, many of us are no doubt thinking back on 2021, which certainly had both its challenges and opportunities. While there’s no way to know what 2022 will bring, I thought I would share the five most-read Sunday Sunshine's of the past year for some inspiration to carry with us into 2022.

  • Creators & Procrasta-Learners -- Are you taking passive action? Work that has you working hard and feeling productive without the results you want. Procrasta-learners consume podcasts, books, articles waiting for that thing, quote, strategy, idea that will spark them to take the right action. Many of you shared after reading: "That's me!" In 2022, let's not lean on outsiders to help us make inside decisions. Trust yourself.

  • She Told Me I Was Too Direct -- Are you too direct, aggressive, out-spoken, bossy? Yeah, me too. These labels mean more about the people giving them than you. Make this the year where you see these labels as gifts, your secret to success. Be yourself. You are beautiful just the way you are.

  • Perfectly Miserable -- I was perfect on paper and perfectly miserable. In this post, I share a bit of my story with an exercise to help you celebrate 2021 and find new inspiration for 2022.

  • Catching More Green Lights -- A poem from Matthew McConaughey’s book inspired this post. It's about catching more yes's in a world of no's, and how to recognize when a no might actually be a yes. A powerful exercise that never fails to help me see opportunities. I think this might be my personal favorite.

  • Imagine If You Could See Your Future in Your Calendar -- This is a great exercise to increase productivity and deliberately design your future by using your calendar as an engine, not a meeting repository. With intentional calendaring, you create the week you want instead of the week that depletes and exhausts you.

Here's a high five to you. I've got big plans for 2022, and I look forward to sharing it all with you every Sunday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.

P.S. If you want to scale your business, reignite your confidence, take the reins back and have massive impact in 2022, hire a Coach. A Coach is a co-pilot helping you see new possibilities, reignite the life and business you want with an action plan to achieve it. Most of all, someone to help you get out of your own damn way. There’s a proven formula I work on with my clients that will have you powerfully leading yourself and your business to stronger outcomes. Here’s a sample of the experience from one client: Christina is incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging and truly has a gift for focusing on what people truly need to prioritize and focus their energy on, while simultaneously being inspirational and encouraging the self-reflection and confidence every business owner needs to grow professionally and personally.


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