Inspiration: The Holy Grail of Enthusiasm

This is from one of my favorite books, Find the Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration. “Inspiration is a three-beers-in guitar solo. It yields a moment of galvanizing energy and vision that precedes motivation and shoves it into action. With motivation, we take hold of an idea and run with it. With inspiration, an idea takes hold of us.” For me, being inspired is the fuel that feeds my soul and my very being. We all want to be inspired. Do you know what inspires you? Understanding that will give you the ingredients to help you live a more inspired and extraordinary life. The bi-product of your being inspired will likely be inspiring to others. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? If you've been diving into the exercises I’ve written about over the last two weeks, (The 10s Exercise, Impossible Goals) you’ve looked back and celebrated all that you’ve accomplished and created this past year. You’ve also taken the steps to declare a bold vision for the coming year. Declaring a bold vision and moving into action begins with the thoughts that inspire us to be bold, take action, change perspective and go all in. What inspires you? When you know, you’ll know the powerful feelings that will move you from the thought of what’s possible to taking massive action. Here’s what inspires me ….. I was inspired this week by a woman I met who wants to be known for her accomplishments and not her disabilities. She has a rare disease that has left her with 5% of her eyesight and hearing loss. She navigates daily hurdles to deliver massive value and massive impact in her work. Martha Stewart told me in my 20s to go learn something new every day and go teach it to someone else. That advice has become a personal mantra for me. I'm inspired to learn almost anything (technology excluded!) and I’m driven to share what I’ve learned with anyone who will listen. I’m inspired by women who stand up and share their powerful voices. Who speak up with their opinion, an interesting question, or a thought that is probing in search of a new perspective. I admire women who unabashedly share their voice – 'hear me roar' -- and oftentimes I role model that behavior for myself. That’s living proof of the impact of inspiration. I am inspired by the visionary and purpose-driven leaders I work with. They dream of changing the world and then take action from their dreams. They don’t have time to compare and despair, they are steadfast in their pursuit of breaking through to the impossible. What are you dreaming about? I am inspired by the unconditional love I receive from those in my life who want nothing more than to see me succeed. I’m inspired by the optimists who always see the glass is half full. Speed bumps are merely moments for them to double down and carry on. They leave success entitlement to others while creating their own success. I’m inspired by those who organize their life based on the results that they want. My coach this week shared with me her detailed 2022 calendar with weeks dedicated to new areas she wants to explore and where she wants to commit her time. All mapped out months ahead. Where do you want to spend your time next year? I’m inspired by all of those leaders who moved through COVID with grace and grit. I’m inspired by those who saw the pandemic as an experience to rediscover and double-down on what they want most. I’m inspired by my kids every day. Sitting in my car waiting for my son to get discharged from ACL surgery this week, I was reminded how much I’m inspired by his resilience. Teddy has overcome a lot not to mention breaking his back and three prior surgeries. I’m inspired by so many who have overcome and manage through health challenges. These are just a few of my inspirations. Reading them back, I’m so grateful for the role models in my life who lit me up and give me the energy for who I’m becoming. Take a look at what and who inspires you. It will likely move you to more of what you want for yourself. Wouldn’t it be something if that which you are inspired by inspires others?


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