Self Doubt: What I Know for Sure

I was introduced this week as an expert in emotional intelligence. I cringed hearing it. My thoughts started spinning questioning my capabilities and how others would judge me. Self-doubt was knocking and saying I’m not an expert in anything. What do I know for sure? I have 30 years sales, marketing and C-suite experience and I'm certified in leadership coaching. I am a cancer conquerer. Survived divorce and working for Martha Stewart for 20 years. That’s the facts. I’m also certified in emotional intelligence. Am I an expert in any of it? What I know for sure is that I’m an expert in me. That expertise is what sets me apart. There is no one quite like me. No letters after my name, certifications or diplomas will make me a stronger expert in me. That’s who I am and what sets me apart. We are all unique and that is what distinguishes us from others. Self-doubt touches all of us at some point, and for some of us, more often than we’d like. It erodes our confidence that tugs at our ability to perform at our best. Self-regard is defined by EQ experts as the ability and tendency for you -- in full light of both your positive and negative qualities -- to both like and have confidence in yourself. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and still liking yourself—that’s big!

When self-doubt creeps again I’m going to remember this image and remind myself that I am one of a kind. Not perfect, but one of a kind. I will lay a helping hand on my heart and tell myself what I would tell a close friend.

I’ll tell myself to stop getting caught up in what people think about me. Their judging me says more about them than me.

I’ll remind myself that the most influential person in my life is me, and when I recognize my influence over me, it is my game changer.

For you….

The most influential person in your life is you and when you recognize your influence over you, it is your game changer.


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