Words Matter

Words are the building blocks of our thoughts. Our positive thoughts generate the feelings and actions that create the results we want. It works the other way too with negative thoughts creating the results we don't want. Words have the energy, power and ability to help, hurt, lift us and others up or squash us or them down. Just. Just should just be eliminated from our vocabulary. It minimizes anything that comes after it. It makes your message smaller. It marginalizes what you are saying. There is just no need for just in any sentence. But. But negates anything that you’ve thought, said or written before it. Your priority, preference and defensiveness shows up after the but. Choose better words. Help me understand? When something doesn’t go as planned instead of sharing disappointment, or responding punitively, take a pause and ask, ‘Help me understand?’ Those three words give you time to gather your thoughts while helping you gain understanding and enroll them into ownership. In doing so you may end up learning something you didn’t know. What can I count on you for? Enrolling people into you and your goals or mission takes consistent communication and collaboration. When you ask for a commitment there is buy-in and acknowledgement. It’s far more effective than saying ‘I need’ or ‘You need to’. Telling is not leadership. Choosing better words is key to creating stronger outcomes for you.


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