Don't look back with regret. Look forward with desire and clarity.

Pandemic fatigue is real and awakening many to the reality of a lost year. It has us wanting it over and done with it. And for many of us, it has us wanting to be over and done with where we are.

There is a gnawing awakening post-2020 that has many of us thinking…

I want more.

I want to play on a bigger stage.

I want to take back my calendar, get off of the hamster wheel, and create the future I want.

Moving to a different level means leaving this level behind.

Start by asking the questions that begin with ‘What’.

WHAT one thing do I really want? Write it down. Be as specific and concrete as possible. Look in your heart, make sure you REALLY want it and write it down. If more than one thing comes up, write them down. Make a list and then ask:

WHY do I want it?

WHAT will be different for me when I achieve it?

As soon as we get clear on what we want and why we want it, we begin to stretch into our potential.

Ask yourself the tough questions around what it is you really want and where you want to see yourself in 1 year, 5 and 10 years.

Don't look back with regret. Look forward with the desire. Dream about what is possible. Make a plan for the future that has you living and doing the things you've always wanted.


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