How to Find Focus Amid Chaos?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

How can we be productive when it seems like we are on a never ending roller coaster of change, emotion and uncertainty?

Here's a few things to consider:

STOP asking questions with no clear answers.

START making a list of those things that are in your control, and start them. 

CONTINUE to influence where you can and where it is productive for you.

LET GO of what is out of your control and not productive.

If you are feeling stuck, a proven method to shake loose from it is to take action towards something that is new. It's easy to do what is expected or required. It's comfortable to stay doing with what you know. That's where stuck lives.

Take on a bigger task, start a new hobby, commit to reading more. Push yourself to take on the new. That's what moves you from the feeling of stuck-y into a place of growth where stuck is put in the rearview mirror.  

Mike Tyson's famous quote is "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth".

But if you look back, really look back on what you have accomplished this year, overcome and adapted, it will likely produce a much needed pat on the back. Acknowledging is powerful.

Celebrate what you've created in this stinky year. Look at all you have managed. How you responded. How you have overcome. What you have created is powerful, and that's pretty prideful. Don't ya think? Ride your pride into 2021.

When things feel heavy and the future is uncertain remember there is so much around us to be optimistic about. Optimism invites you to consider a bright future even in the face of adversity. Tomorrow will always be better. Because getting better (on purpose, on accident and on your own) everyday is where confidence comes from. It’s ultimately what success looks like. 

What does success mean to you? For me, success is a combination of imagination and the possibilities that can be created. The stories we tell ourselves hold us back and fill us with all sorts of excuses and roadblocks as to why you can’t which is the opposite of possibilities and imagination. Those stories will starve you of creating the life you want. Imagine what is possible. 

Ask ‘What if?.’ Ask ‘Why not?’

The illustration below is the motto I live by, but I'd like to change the copy from 'How to takeover' to 'How to Make A Difference.'

These illustrations are from a Jessica Hagy. Her work always leaves me with something to think about. She is a contributor to Forbes and I follow her on instagram HERE.

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