Choose Courage Over Comfort

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

The definition of the word PROMPT:

‘to cause or bring about an action or feeling.’

Prompts help me reset and give me nudge when when I need it most. 

‘Courage Over Comfort’ is a prompt that has served me well, fueled my fire and given me strength when I most needed it.

Now more than ever: choose Courage over Comfort

The juggle has been hard. The struggle is real. And likely the uncertainty and unease of this past year will be in over drive in the coming week. Please remember the drumbeat to vote is fundamentally founded on the power of choice. 

The power of choice is courageous. Say NO to the invitation to stay comfortable.

Falling back on old habits is comfortable. 

Staying on the hamster wheel to nowhere is a comfort.

There is a choice in courage or comfort.

Courage is not some great big mountain to climb. 

Courage is pushing forward on days when it is grey, rainy and when you just don’t have it in you. 

For some, choosing courage is choosing to get out of bed each day.

Courage is choosing a new perspective because the old one isn't serving you.

Courage is telling that voice inside your head, who whispers that you are not good enough, that you are good enough.

Courage is moving forward when staying still is easy.

Imagine what could happen if you made the choice to spread your wings of courage to soar to your highest potential. 

Make the choice to choose Courage Over Comfort.

The songwriter/singer Pink's moving lyrics from the song Courage

Have I the courage to change?

I'm walking uphill both ways, it hurts

Have I the courage to change?

I bury my heart here in this dirt

Have I the courage to change today?

I hope it's a seed, I hope it works

Have I the courage to change?

I need to grow, here I could be

Have I the courage to change?

Closer to light, closer to me

Have I the courage to change today?

I don't have to do this perfectly

(What does perfect even look like!?

Get your courage on — give Pink a listen HERE!

This sweater was a gift from my good friends who remind me each day that I have the courage to overcome and become who I want to be. The color of the sweater was my choice. Red to remind me to light my fire when I get comfortable and when I need to be courageous. 

Choose Courage Over Comfort

If that means you got out of bed today, cheers to you.

If that means you pushed yourself our of the comfort zone into the fear zone, cheers to you.

If that means you voted, cheers to you.

If that means you’ve finally opened a closed door to something new, even bigger cheers.

Whatever courage looks like to you, make the choice to move forward because moving forward is an act of courage in itself. Keep moving.

Courage Over Comfort: C.O.C. Those initials are also my daughter’s. And, that just feels right.

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