A Giving Challenge for You

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Givers give.

I’m not talking gifts.

Givers give their time, energy, resources, connections.

The list of potential giving is long.

Givers give more than what’s expected.

Givers constantly and consistently give value to others.

Givers live abundantly with an open mindset routed in creating new possibilities and not by expectation.

The abundance helps keep a positive mindset when the negative is everywhere.

Here’s the thing about Givers.

They come from a place of faith and not fear.

Faith that giving and living abundantly will find its way back to them.

What’s wonderful is that givers who give with positive intention and from abundance end up experiencing exponential success.

This is both a business and life concept shared by Bob Burg and John David Mann in their Go-Giver book series and consulting business.

Go-getters and get-it-done-ers experience success but exponential success often times feels out of reach.

“Most people just laugh when they hear

that the secret to success is giving.

Then again, most people are nowhere near as successful

as they wish they were.”

Bob Burg.

With ThanksGIVING just two weeks away, why not take on a ‘Giving Challenge’?

I’ve spoken about these challenges before, and often share it with entrepreneurs when they hit a business roadblock or are in the place of ‘I just don’t know what to do.” When they take on the challenge, they experience a shift in their mindset and momentum in their business.

Here's how the 'Giving Challenge' works:

For the next 12 days reach out by phone, email or text to people beyond your inner circle. Reach out to the unexpected.

I put myself to the challenge when I was launching my coaching business during my last treatment of chemotherapy. I did it because I needed coaching hours to hone my skill and was trying to figure out how to get clients. I heard about the concept when listening to a podcast. If I could give, support and help others that it could give me the much needed momentum that I needed at the time.

I was amazed by how gracious people were. How happy it made them to be ‘chosen’. No one said ‘no thanks’. The challenge landed me a new client, but it also gave me the confidence I desperately needed at the time. It deepened friendships and turned business acquaintances into friends. The giving gave me so much more than I gave to others.

Being a giver is not being selfless. The concept is based on the thinking that the more you give the more you will receive in return.

I want to be clear that I strive to be a Giver. It’s not easy. My mindset these days ebbs and flows between the positive to the negative and between the uncertain to the optimistic. But when my energy is down, the best way to boost it is to make the choice to help someone. I’m working and trying to live the life of a Giver. Somedays easier than others.

I hosted a workshop this week for a group of amazing next generational female leaders to help them focus on building their personal brand in this new virtual world. So many smart ladies bringing important topics to the table from networking advice to strategies to building confidence. I was humbled by their openness to personal growth and development.

A friend said that I can’t expect to grow my business if I’m spending my time giving free workshops. True. Everything I do can’t be free, but making giving a part of my life and business is additive in so many ways: new experience, positive mindset, deeper connections and new thoughts.

This Thanksgiving will be unlike any other. The dinner table conversations will also be different. Why not change the conversation?

Go ahead and take on the pre-ThanksGIVING Giver challenge!! What a Thanksgiving dinner conversation starter!

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