Before You Set The Table, Set Your Expectations

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Holidays come with high expectations and often times end in disappointment.

Unmet expectations can really leave a bad taste. (This video is hysterical just click on the image).

This Thanksgiving will be like no other. Managing expectations will help you navigate and manage to the potential disappointment.

The level of disappointment is driven by the degree of the unmet expectation. Managing our expectations of others – even considering reducing them – can work in service to us, our experience and our closest relationships.

Expectations that are not set ahead of time and thought through have the potential of leaving all parties in a bad headspace or with a bad taste. That is the LAST thing any of us needs right now.

You’ve probably heard there are three sides to every story: mine, theirs and reality.

The distance between how we see it and how they see it is where confusion rises and disappointment takes hold.

First ask, what are the facts? What is the reality here?

Then ask ‘What if 2% of their story is right/actual/real?’ See 2% from their perspective. Embrace the 2% before disappointment takes hold.

Thanksgiving offers us the opportunity to rewrite the stories that work in service to us. On top of being grateful, set positive expectations for how you are going to show up. Share those expectations, and create the experience you want with others.

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