You cant wait until life isn’t hard anymore to be happy

“I am so much more than the bad things that happen to me.”

I’ve had a lump in my throat since watching this clip. While I'm not a big fan of pop culture competition shows, these few minutes deliver a profound and fresh perspective on the joy of 2%.

Pure tearful joy.

I promise you''ll be moved by Jane's take on experiencing life.

This is deeply personal for me.

Hard happens, and how we react to hard is a choice.

Happy is not a destination. Happy is not something to wait for, but a choice.

2% is something special, as Jane so brilliantly shared.

If 2% of us could shift our thinking from hard to happy

If 2% could be kinder to others

If 2% could be kinder to ourselves

If 2% dared to be happy right now

If 2% could beat the 98% -- Oh, please let Jane be in the 2%.

Jane has given me a gift.

Cancer sucks. Don’t wait for cancer to hit to experience a new perspective on happy. Don't wait for anything to experience happy. I imagine Jane’s response to me would be:

It’s ok.

It’s ok.

It’s ok.

"You cant wait until life isn’t hard anymore to be happy."

Thank you Jane for being that bright light in the world that we all need right now.


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