All The Right Moves

What if you, like this young man, showed up to work with as much vigor, joy and personality? Click on the picture and be sure to turn on the video sound.

I want those moves!

This is from a @tombilyeu instagram post which says in part 'If you don't wake up on Monday with this kind of energy, chances are you are just doing your job. No one is going to hand you that job you love. You must go out and earn it. And when you do land it, celebrate it! Enjoy with complete abandon that you are doing something you find significant. And here is the real secret - you get to define what is significant to you.'

The most influential person in your life is you, and when you recognize your influence over you, it's a game changer. Don't just do your job. Love your job. Your circumstances are your circumstances, but how you think about them is the difference between doing and loving your job. You get to decide. Say goodbye to just showing up. Welcome the opportunity to change your thoughts and get into loving your career. New perspectives will help you evolve and grow into your best. More on that here.


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