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Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Are you as excited for May as I am? Turning the page to a new month is a new beginning. For me, it feels like a new normal-ness that has to be better than April 2020. People are still struggling to find their way through this crisis. The unpredictability of the virus makes it challenging to see through. There are temporary adjustments – working from home – and there are long-term changes and decision-making that can and will add value to our lives. That decision making is the story we can begin to write for ourselves and for our next chapter. Waiting for it to be over or for a full set of facts to emerge before determining the next course of action is simply missing the opportunities that each of us has right now.  I shared on a webinar this week that there is a difference between being positive and being optimistic. Positive is in the moment. Optimism is hopeful. Optimism is future-focused.  I am choosing to leave the April showers behind and calling for May’s flowers to signal a rebirth. A new month. A new beginning that is full of optimism.  A New York Times article this week said ‘optimism isn’t about ignoring negative feelings. It’s about being hopeful about the future, even when the present seems wholly negative.’ The workbook for the pandemic does not exist. We are in this story – like it or not.  BUT, we have choices. Do we want to be the victim or hero? I was the victim when I got diagnosed with cancer, but I became a fighter. I was scared as hell. But I saw a future where my only choice was having me here for my family.  Be the hero in your story. Even better, be the role-model in your story. The article went on to say ‘optimism can soften the negative effects of stress, allowing us to cope with and recover from trauma more easily.’ Let’s not look back at this time with a bunch of ‘shoulds.’ I should have written that book. Should have pivoted my business to online or to takeout or offered what was once a paid product for free to keep my brand relevant and exposed. If you are feeling distracted, STOP it.  The story will continue to be written. It is your choice to either have your part written by someone or something else OR written by YOU about your life in this season. You are important. Your story is uniquely yours. Be the hero. From my hero to yours.

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