Playing to Win

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Are You Playing to Win or Playing to Not Lose?

It’s been an interesting week between my coaching and our home improvement business. There is an increased need for coaching as people are struggling seven weeks later with deep concerns, uncertainty and fear. At any given moment, I struggle with how to scale my coaching and grow into who I have dreamed of becoming, and at the same time, how I manage an essential business that is essentially 80% of itself. How your mind reacts in a crisis is often compared to the stages of grief. Michael Oppler sent me this article after my ‘What's Certain About Uncertainty’ workshop for Prominent Properties Sotheby’s this week.  It's a great read and dead-on around these six stages we need go through to come out stronger: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Creativity Before we move through to acceptance and creativity we must let go of what we can’t control and give into calm. Give yourself permission to let go of the crazy in the mind and give into letting the mind rest. As the famous saying goes, ‘ Keep Calm and Carry On. ’ Through calmness will come clarity and with it will come acceptance that will fuel the motivation towards creativity and coming out stronger. Keep in mind, calm should not be replaced by the need for speed to power through in a crisis. To move from acceptance and creativity requires us to …. let go of what was and rethink what is and see what could be.  Here’s a powerful thought from the article…… What would change if you moved FROM a mindset of playing to win TO playing not to lose When we play not to lose, we keep ourselves in the game until the moment of opportunity brings you back to playing to win again. That’s when the creativity begins. So I’m playing not to lose and have found the calm that has given me the opportunity to role-model who I want to be in COVID-19. Stop the anger. Bargaining begone. Wave goodbye to depression. Bring on the acceptance and hear my creativity roar.

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