The Power of Language & Possibility

Updated: Jul 4

The power of thought creates my feelings, which in turn create my beliefs and create my actions.

The power of language will set me free.

I do not have Leukemia. I'm being treated for Leukemia.

That change of phrase is a shift in mindset which tames my fear of cancer and empowers my view of my future.

In the @mariashiver Sunday Paper newsletter, she writes, "Life is so much about the narrative we tell ourselves. It's so much about our choices and decisions, and about how we walk out into the world. The way I see myself might not be the way you see me, but it doesn't matter. What matters is the story I tell myself. What matters is the story I believe to be true. What matters is how I look at my decisions, my lessons and my experiences, and that I try and look at them in a way that empowers me forward — not in a way that casts me as a victim."

I have felt like a victim. The negativity rabbit hole is always one step in front of me, and some days I fall right in. With the support of family and my amazing tribe, I've skipped the step of victimhood and stepped into writing the story of my future, including the season of cancer.

Negativity depletes my energy, spins me to the point of dizziness, and makes me not fun to be around. When I'm negative and scared and feeling awful, I now use language to reset my mind. My future is in front of me. While I don't know where it is going, I know tomorrow will be a better day. I know I am made for more, as said by Rachel Hollis, the influencer and best-selling author.

Divorce. Death. Health. Work. My path is not a straight line, but one with many zigs and zags. I won't be stuck on this turn in life. I will use the wisdom of experience to fuel me forward. It's possible when I believe in myself that I will create the future I want most. Intentional thinking that positive, possible and future focused.

My path will lead to my extraordinarily fulfilled life. That's the mindset of possibility.


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