Day of the Girl

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

My beautiful daughter Caroline is forging her path without many of the barriers that her Grandmother did. Caroline is strong, confident, and on a mission due in large part from the support and example of her Grandmother (Modi).

My daughter has been my rock. Caroline doesn't have to say a lot. The joyful and sometimes painful look in her eyes tells me everything. Her gaze is all I need to get through.

On this International Day of the Girl, THIS GIRL is the picture of the future of great women supporting other women.

Hear me: Women of experience must drop the resentment of what we had to endure. That resentment shows up in making young women feel that THEY TOO have to work harder for it, just like the women before them.

Why not make it easy or easier for them?

On this Day of the Girl, we strong women of experience need to look long and hard at the extent we are supporting other women, both young and old. Men have been doing it for years and make it look easy.

Here's to making it easier for all women around the world, not just today but every day.


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