The 4 Most Powerful Words

How can I help? Those are four of the most powerfully connected words in life. Asking how you can help is at its most basic level kind. The kind of kind that has the power to change someone’s day, including yours. It also has the power to become a catalyst for change. Being curious in pursuit of how you can help is a superpower rooted in emotional intelligence, which has proven to leave a lasting impression in our relationships, leadership and culture. IQ gets you in the door. EQ keeps you there. Those four words can create a compounding effect increasing productivity, well-being, 1+1=3, happiness and so much more. How you show up in life is what truly matters. No new corporate edicts around the future of work will change human nature or get things done. How can I help? Extending yourself to others using those four simple words creates the strategic bi-products of validation, recognition, connection and support. This is the basis of the book I recommend for leaders: Thrive by Design, The Neuroscience That Drives High-Performance Cultures. But you don’t need a degree in Neuroscience to understand the importance of listening, helping and connecting to benefit others and yourself. What is not so basic -- because of the fast-paced, head down in the computer, busy life you lead -- is how to weave those four simple words into the fabric of your being. Making it your go to. Representing that as part of your personal brand. Leading with kindness. I was reminded this week of how kindness shows up in corporate. The Kindness Think Tank podcast features leaders who are creating a new foundation of awareness, meaningful human connection and a shared commitment to kindness at work. This week’s ‘best of’ episode has some inspired thoughts for leading with kindness, and I'm flattered to be included (minute 30). The full original episode is here.

Don’t wait for new corporate edicts. You know what works. You know what feels good. When you lead with the superpower of kindness, it’s no longer a random act, but intentional and purposeful. Consider a rethink of on your personal brand – a new user manual of sorts – for how you want to lead yourself first to lead others with stronger outcomes. One last thing....Creators & Procrasta-Learners is by far the most well read, most responded to and engaged Sunday Sunshine post. If you missed it, you can read it here.


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