Every Choice Is A Chance

This past Monday was International Day of the Girl, a day to bring focus to the challenges girls face and to promote their empowerment.

I’m a firm believer that you write your own life script -- no matter if you are a boy or a girl. That you can do almost anything you put your mind to if you work hard -- no matter who you are.

My mother was a trailblazer who helped make some of those initial cracks in the proverbial glass ceiling. She was a major role model for me, my daughter and my twin sons.

My mother set the bar high. She told my daughter in no uncertain terms that she expected her to live an empowered life. She shared that the only thing that could stop her was herself.

My mom also drummed into the heads of my twin boys that having respect for women, their strength, influence and compassion would be the very things that would bring them success and happiness. She often would share stories about the men she worked with. She would joke, that when they recognized her smarts and savvy business prowess, they were keen to partner with her as they knew she would help them fuel their own careers.

Several years ago on International Women’s Day I sat on a panel to discuss empowering women. I shared my mother's thoughts -- that while we need to raise our girls to become empowered women it is just as important to raise our boys to respect women.

I was taken aback this week reading an article in the New York Times about the compounding effect on a women’s career due to everyday sexism. The words in the article are deeply disheartening. The visuals tell a story that is powerfully disappointing.

We are a big Ted Lasso family. The Netflix series offers a wonderful take on humanity, positivity and treating others they way you want to be treated. Not toxic positivity, but the choice of a positive mindset. In the last episode of the second season, Ted says ‘every choice has a chance.’ Let’s make a choice to raise both our girls and our boys to respect and admire each other, and to understand what makes us great is what makes us different. A choice with a chance to eliminate bias. Here's to making better choices because the chance is great that we can make a better and bigger impact.

One last thing....I wrote about a wish for my daughter and for all girls here.


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