Is Your Time Well Spent

The first quarter of the year is now officially in the books. A quarter of the way through the year. Time feels like it is shooting by at the speed of light. At the same time, life seems to be standing still in the pandemic. What's certain: Where you spend your time is what you prioritize. Here's a recommendation: Do a deep dive into your calendar - a diagnostic of sorts - on the first three months of the year. Look at where you spent your time and with what results.

  • Did the hamster wheel and your never-ending 'To Do' list take you away from what’s most important to you, your mission and what you want for yourself?

  • Is your week full, but you're questioning if it is full of the right things?

When I looked back at Q1, I had a lot of highs combined with a few lows. Lots of good outcomes and results for clients along with creating expansion for my business. But, when I look at the lows I see where, if I'd put more focus and discipline, would have accelerated further and faster. You can be sure I'll take what I learned and put it toward a stronger Q2. If you are a high performer or a C-Suite leader and your calendar has taken control of your leadership, stop giving away power to your calendar and start creating days that will bring you what you want most for yourself. There are only 179 working days left in this year. (excluding holidays, weekends, vacation) Take a look at these prompts to get you thinking and focused on what you want most. Don't just read the prompts. Commit your thoughts to paper. There's where the magic happens.

If you want to go bigger, I wrote about the Triple Threat framework to help with goal setting. A simple matrix to organize and prioritize.

The hamster wheel is easy. We hop on and it goes. It’s a default. Stop the default. It's no one else's fault if you default to what's routine and easy.

Diligence and discipline are not easy but are the keys to achieving your mission, your purpose, your exceptional.


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