The Triple Threat

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

A blank sheet of paper. That's what every New Year brings. I have a framework I use each year to create who and what I want to become. I start by reminding myself that the journey is more important than the achievement. What I do each day is more important than some big hairy audacious resolution that will be broken by February. I begin by asking…. How am I showing up better for myself this year? “A good life is not lived by chance, but by choice.” Mel Robbins We make the choice to show up as our best selves. We make the choice to create something better for ourselves. We make the choice to keep promises to ourselves. Why not make the choice to make THIS year YOUR year? This year, I want to learn, grow, be the best I can be, make a difference and enjoy life.

I’ve gone through the Triple Threat, my framework for planning, and begins my journey. (Click image to download).

The Triple Threat is a framework to bring focus and clarity around what I want to prioritize and create. It brings discipline to my day, week, month and year.

Three daily priorities based on three weekly projects that ladder up to my three areas of annual impact. Micro steps each day that have a compounding effect to my year.

The process begins by looking back. I’m taking the best of what I created in 2020, and using it as fuel in 2021. I wrote this blog post after doing a calendar audit of last year. Recognizing the incredible moments in an incredible year was super empowering.

I then ask these questions:

  • What will be different when I achieve my 3 areas of impact in 2021?

  • How will I feel when I do?

  • What will change in my life and my business?

  • What resources do I have to support me?

  • What new resources do I need?

  • What do I need to learn (Always be learning. A growth mindset wins the year. We don’t get to change the world if we don’t grow.)

  • What thoughts do I need to tell myself on the journey to my most extraordinary year?

Don’t get stuck in the ‘how’. It limits your thinking. Just start taking action.

I know that to create success on my terms means I have to get diligent and disciplined to those areas even when life gets on the way. With a simple matrix, and with some built in accountability, I get going.

What do you want to fill your blank page this year?

Here's a few of helpful hacks:

  • Be intentional...write your 3 priorities each day as part of a regular journal practice.

  • I have a reminder set on my phone and computer for 2pm each day....a simple prompt to 'Bring Joy' to remind me how I want to show up.

  • The buddy system works. Share your plans with others.

  • Calendar your week ahead to ensure time is dedicated to investing in the future you are trying to create.

Here's to your unstoppable year.


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