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If you could choose one personal goal for next year, what would that be? This question was included in a survey among entrepreneurs, and more than 50% replied: Find my voice. Having a voice is an expression of your values and beliefs shared with perspective and agency. Having a voice has you authentically sharing who you are and what you want. Personal conviction. Finding your voice starts by listening for it. Active listening to your inner voice comes with journaling. Like the concept or not, some of the most successful leaders journal every day: Richard Branson, Barak Obama, Oprah. If it's an exercise towards success for them, why not you? Get the pen moving to start exploring for the quieted voice. Write three single-lined pages every day. Listen for the voice that seeps into your writing. Look for reoccurring desires, wishes, and wants. Begin journaling by asking these questions:

  • Why is it important to you?

  • Why is it important for your voice to be heard?

  • What impact will sharing your voice have on you and others?

  • When did you last positively experience using your voice?

  • What steps have you are already taken?

  • What is clear to you already?

I found my voice the first time I hit publish on my first Sunday Sunshine post. I struggled with the notion of being an expert that I thought came with having a blog. The inner critic ran rampant and the fear of every part of it felt so much stronger than the possibility. I had to let go of expected judgment from others and myself. I had to embrace and be ok with a post missing the mark. I had to learn how to write consistently and with purpose. I had to feel that my voice was needed (ahhh that was a tough one). I had to believe that my voice could help provide guidance and inspiration for those who chose to hear it. The process to build my own self-concept took time. I got deliberate with my thinking and journaling to get comfortable and more familiar with sharing my voice. I’m now over 100 pieces of content. One of my clients said: I realized that I really have been selling myself short and at this point in my career, it is a huge disservice to me. Breakthrough moment! Now, I just have to find my voice. Sharing your voice may rock a few boats or create difficult conversations. But on the other side, you become the next best version of yourself. Not sharing your voice has you sitting in the discomfort of personal judgment and disappointment with yourself. That's the messy mind that zaps you of your energy and holds you in conflict with yourself. Remember, the most influential person in your life is you, and when you recognize your influence over you, it’s a game-changer.

One last thing...instead of asking someone what they do, why not ask: What have you become? Read more HERE.


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