Game Changers Are Life Changers

We all have the same amount of time in each day. What if you used your time in a way that would double your impact?

Double the trouble

Double the fun

I used to say this about my twin boys when they were toddlers....on a good day.

I digress. What about …..

Double the Focus

Double the Impact

Ask yourself, if you were to look at your goals or personal growth, what one thing if you invested in would generate massive more results for you?

That with laser focus would create a multiplier effect that would give you back so much more than you put in?

Would deliver compound results? (If you are reading this, you want big results!)

The one thing, that if you double-downed on it, would yield returns that would free you up for more growth?

Doubling-down is phrase most often associated with blackjack. I'm not asking you to gamble with your future here. Rather, betting on yourself. Believing in You and your ability to create huge success.

You get to 10 by going counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. But you get there much faster you multiple 2 x 5.

It's a lot easier to grow 10x than 2x. #dansullivan

What’s your multiplier?

Answering that is your GAME CHANGER.

Game changers are where you put focus on today to make you much better tomorrow.

One of my clients made the choice to double-down on risk-taking as her game changer. She committed to taking one big risk every day in pursuit of launching her new company. She filled a jar with M&Ms on her desk and gave herself permission to eat one M&M every time she took a risk. Cold calls she didn’t want to make. Money invested in a Facebook ads campaign that she didn’t have. Then an investment in the development of an entirely new product line. I recently asked her about the M&Ms. She said she stopped the incentive program not just because of the calories, but because risk taking was now routine and part of her being an entrepreneur. Risk taking to her has become normalized. It's impact: she just had her first 6-figure quarter.

When you double down in blackjack, you double the initial bet due to either the confidence in their cards and/or their perceived weakness of the dealer's cards.

Double your bet to double your winnings.

Deciding on your game changer is discovering the blind spot, getting clarity with your desires and asking what's possible with 10X growth.

Ask yourself: What would be that one thing, one area, one skill, one element, one tactic, that if I invested more time, energy or towards, would be the GAME CHANGER for me, my career or my business?

Deciding On Your Game Changer

It can be a:

Strength (Risk Taking)

Weakness (Confidence)

Product (A blog)

Skill (marketing)

Process (taking back your calendar)

System (CRM)

Business area (sales)

Pressure test your game changer by answering these questions. If I committed time+, resources+, $+, effort+:

  • What incremental difference will it make?

  • Where will it multiply? (If the benefit doesn't show up in more than 3 places then start again.)

  • What does taking action towards it look like?

  • Can it be measured? (If not, it's not your game changer)

  • What does full-on commitment look like?

  • Does the inverse of it have an equally compounding effect negatively? (If confidence is your game changer, the inverse is continued lack of confidence with a negative cascading impact. If marketing is your Achilles and know you need to make it a priority because without it the inverse would be lack of exposure, weakened sales funnel with sales staying the same, stagnating or declining.)

“Not everything that is faced can be changed,

but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

—James Baldwin

Here are the twins now at 22 years of age. Still double the trouble, double the fun.


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