My Process Allows my Clients to

My Clients Want

  • Guidance and mentorship to leverage times of change or stagnation for good.

  • Strategies and ideas for navigating difficult times.

  • Tactics to turn communication and conversations into action and results.

  • A roadmap to their best selves and a new path to what's possible in their future.

My clients feel supported and empowered.

• Gain clarity around what's getting in their way.

• Create an action plan to leverage the transition for triumph.

• Work on communication and language to drive positive outcomes.  

• Focus on motivations and strengths for the benefit of them playing bigger.

• Stay focused on what they really want.

• Help find where passion and experience intersect.

•Write a vision for their extraordinary life.

My clients are positive and productive.

Most of My Clients

• Are willing to work hard

• Are open to being called out on their B.S. 

• Want feedback and accountability

• Are willing to uncover what they want, writing a vision for their extraordinary life  

• Invest a minimum of three months working together; anything less will not create lasting change.   

Coaching Services


Individual Coaching Packages

Get you the tools to hack into your own life, hone your dreams, and have the things you want in the areas that matter most to you. Uncover roadblocks, openup awareness to what’s possible and set a bold course towards your extraordinary life


Teams & Small Business

I help leaders and business teams deepen engagement, heighten collaboration, boost performance and reduce stress so they can achieve extraordinary results.  


Offered as part of coaching engagements and used in Corporate Team Leadership & Management programs as a foundational tool. (put picture here)


Workshops (full & half day)

Challenge limiting beliefs to unlock new possibilities. Move from setting predictable, safe goals to declaring bold, inspiring outcomes. Share aspirations – fueling connection and accountability. Leave motivated and equipped to finish their

Bold Vision and share it.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

(EQ-I 2.0)



Christina is available to speak about her story with a message that is both inspiring and tactical to motivate groups to take their next step towards their extraordinary.

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