Who Killed Lord Symthe?

What do we miss when we are too focused on our To-Do list? On a sunny day this week I looked up to see these vibrant yellow leaves in the shape of a ❤️. What a gift!

I miss so much everyday. I'm too focused (some might say intense!) to see things that might help me make a stronger impact.

What do you miss each day?

This hysterical video makes the point much better than I can.

This video has 9M+ views because you don’t just watch it once. Clients I've shared this video with will say back to me -- Who Killed Lord Smithe? -- when they have a problem, brainstorming or want to up their leadership game.

Think back on the past week when you were ‘head down’ busy:

  • Where might you have missed when someone needed you?

  • Where might you have missed seeing the bigger picture?

  • Is it possible that 'seeing the heart shaped leaves' might have saved you time, given you more energy or helped you have more impact?

Take the pause to become more aware.

Being curious is where the magic happens.

I’m challenging myself to look up and become more aware — it's already leading me to see more 'hearts' in each day.


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