It's Time to Play Bigger

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Extraordinary people still play small. There are so many extraordinary people that are just a few steps away from believing in and achieving their extraordinary. We often hold ourselves back -- because of circumstance and one excuse or another. We are too busy reacting to our day, our life, our job, and our responsibilities. Limiting beliefs, the things our mothers told us, that ‘D’ in geometry. These things hold us back and have us playing in a sandbox that is both messy and small.  Even worse, we may not feel worthy of living an extraordinary life. What if you could break out of your box?  Even in this season of uncertainty. Everybody has the potential to be a greater version of themselves. Don't look back with regret. Look forward with the desire, dream and make a plan for the future that has you living and doing the things you've always wanted. You attract what you think and receive what you believe. The Law of Attraction. Ask yourself, "What if?" Then, imagine turning the what if into what is. I did just that. Here's the blog post I wrote 2 years ago. What if 2020 could be THE year you look back on as the year you began creating the life you want?   Whatever it is you’re dreaming of for yourself… Do it now. Whatever you most want to do with your life. Do it now. Don’t wait until later. Don’t wait until you’re more experienced. Don’t wait until you have more. This is your time.

Make today the first day of your extraordinary life.

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