Finding Clarity: Stop, Start, Continue

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

This past week has felt like it was weeks since life was ‘normal’.  It will be weeks and possibly months in this new new normal.  

Maintaining a healthy head space takes work, but with just a little effort, you can maintain a strong spirit and a positive attitude.  Here are three questions to help you find the clarity and rediscover your strong spirit when things feel out of sorts.

What will I STOP doing?

What will I START doing?

What will I CONTINUE to do?

(My answers are at the bottom of this post.  I really hope you read all the way to the bottom.)

Write one list of all of the things you need to stop doing. Things that are not service you. These might be actions that are causing you stress, sadness and worry.

Write anther list of things you want to start doing in pursuit of your spirit, career, your future and a positive mindset.

Write a third list of the things you want to continue to do. That means taking a look at what you are doing that is working for you. We tend to not give ourselves the credit for all of the good we do. Stop and take the credit.

Look at at all three lists and check off which items are in your CONTROL.

Cross off those things that are NOT in your CONTROL.  You cannot control the virus, stock market, the weather.  

Look at what you can control and get into ACTION.  The list of things that need your attention, your time and where you should spend your energy.  This may not relieve all of your stress, but some for sure.  And if you aren’t sure what to do, ask for help in thinking it through.  People love it when you ask for help.  

Don't sit in the overwhelm. Get clear on what's working, not working and what you want to start exploring to create your future.

Uncertainty can diminish our spirit and cause us to sit in fear. This exercise is one step towards getting certainty with clarity on all of the things.

You overcome uncertainty, fear, and anxiety by taking action.  Just writing these lists is a positive step in the right direction.

Taking action and moving forward is like being a general in wartime versus a general in peace time. It’s wartime. Fight baby. Fight forward.  The best way to move away from FEAR, FLIGHT and FREEZE?  You guessed it.  ACTION.  

Uncertainty breeds those 3-Fs above. When you take action, you are more empowered and less uncertain.  When you are empowered, you feel less out of control.  When you feel more certain, you feel more right in the world.  

Choose one action you can take today that will move you and your business forward.  Offer VALUE to your customers.  SERVE your customers.  STOP watching the news and start planting seeds in the future.  Be the resource that people turn to for recommendations, connections and that person who just knows.

My list:

STOP watching the news

START planning, connecting and reconnecting with people, sleep more

CONTINUE exercise, eating healthy, meditate, writing 


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