Success, happiness, significance

My work is focused on high performing achievers and visionary leaders to support their quest for success and happiness. What I've learned along the way is that plenty of people are successful yet they are unhappy.

Success has many definitions - careers, money and things. Careers, money and things will not bring you happiness.

John Maxwell, author and leadership guru, says happiness is driven not by success, but by significance. Significance is how you show up to create, do for others, have an impact and leave a legacy.

What makes you significant is your ability to access your power, strengths, your unique talents, and to express them for the benefit and positive impact on the people around you.

A successful leader leads.

A successful physician heals.

A successful executive does exceptional work.

A significant leader inspires others to lean into their greatness.

A significant physician heals with empathy to mitigate the fear.

A significant executive does exceptional work and teaches others to do the same.

If you consider yourself successful yet are still unhappy, ask yourself what’s significant about how you are showing up each day?

Think about the legacy you want to leave. Legacy sounds big. Simplify it by deciding what you want to be known for, and then be sure to intentionally show up as that person each and every day.

Your significance is a building block to your legacy.

When you stop being a servant to the life you are living on default and become the creator of the world you want, you will be unstoppable.

Five Truths

  • Job titles don’t make an impact; the people behind them do.

  • Career paths in the right direction are ‘right’ only if you are happy, growing and in service to others.

  • You are so much more than words on your resume.

  • Where you are going is not determined by your past, but by the future you create with your thoughts and beliefs.

  • The most influential person in your life is you, and when you recognize your influence over you, it is your game changer.


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