Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Holiday weekends are a great way to reboot and rest . I was thinking this week that I spend too much time doing and not enough time rebooting and relaxing — really relaxing. Like letting my mind go to that place where the resting softens the noises of expectation, embraces acceptance and acts as a catalyst to becoming . Don’t get me wrong. I’m a performance coach. But, to perform at our best with the outcomes we want, sometimes we need to break from the focus to allow us to just pause. We cannot become without letting the pleasures of rest make way for our purposeful path. When we stay in a place of exhaustive productivity it builds plaque that prevents the flow of creativity. That hamster wheel may feel like we are doing, but when you examine the end-result, it may not be producing your best outputs. REST is needed so much now that our days are muddled together and the boundaries between work and home life have blurred. This weekend I’m resting. Listening to the sea water lap the rocks. Just listening to the waves while walking is meditating for me and allowing me to clean out the crazy of doing. I had some great feedback from readers and workshop attendees this week to the concept of GSD (Get Sh-t Done) time blocking.  “I’ve added 2 hours of “GSD” time to my calendar each day this week. Thank you for the reminder to get back to focusing on what matters!!” “I really enjoyed the presentation, and I wrote down “GSD” in my planner. Although, I have to say, the problem with restaurants and entertainment venues being shut down is that sometimes we may focus too much on GSD and not enough on R-E-S-T.” Richard Boyatizis, professor at Case Western Reserve University said in a McKinsey article this week (link below); "We can’t be positively infectious with others unless we’re feeling inspired and sustained ourselves first. That’s what leaders managing high-stress positions need to do to take care of themselves and to then involve and take care of others." Taking care of ourselves allows us to grow and become the versions of ourselves we can be proud of and role model. I will always be a promoter of GSD and will continue to time block my days to heighten productivity, but only AFTER I have REST ed in pursuit of my becoming. Happy July 4 th

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