If you don’t control it, why worry about it? You don’t control it.

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

One of my fundamental beliefs is that to be our best we need to always be learning (A.B.C).  This week I attended The Corporate Agent Real Deal conference. During the conference, Robert Glazer spoke about the concept of lifting as you rise He has me rethinking how I’m spending my time in pursuit of what I want most out of life.  When we consciously rise and are selective with how we spend our time, the possibilities of creating the life we want become exponential. 

Answer these 3 questions….

Do YOU have a dream? 

Most people answer yes when asked.

Are YOU pursuing your dream?

The hand-raisers gets smaller.

Are YOU achieving your dream? 

Startlingly few answer yes.

How did you answer?

When you take the time to dive into what you really want and surround yourself with people who lift you up and are additive to you, it is not just possible to achieve your dreams but it can happen faster than you ever could have imagined.

Don’t con yourself by saying, ’I’m waiting for the right time to make my move’. There will be no right time. 

Stop waiting for the kids to graduate or for more money. The time is now. 

What this year of uncertainty has taught us is that nothing is certain beyond what is in your control.

Robert Glazer also shared:

If you don’t control it, why worry about it?

Because you don’t control it.

If you do control it, why worry about it? 

Because you control it.

I speak a lot about the compound effect of work. Spending time against those things that will create a multiplier in your life and business. Take this blog post…..I invest the time in writing one piece of content and will repurpose multiple times throughout the week on different platforms, and one day it may be published in a book. Tons of bang for the initial buck of investment. As a Performance Coach, I am a multiplier for my clients -- I help them discover and prioritize those things with the greatest compound effect for their life, career and business.

I listened this week to a TedEX talk by Rory Vaden who crystalized the concept of Multipliers. Multipliers are selective in how they invest their time in those things that create a compounding effect to their life and business. The questions Multipliers ask are:

  • What can I delegate?

  • What can I automate?

  • What do I need to put off because it's a one off with no compound effect. **Here's to rethinking the To Do list. Start a STOP Doing list**

Stress is at an all-time high in part because everything we have learned about time management is wrong, according to Rory. It’s not time management but self-management.

Multipliers do today what will make tomorrow better

Ask yourself: What am I creating today in pursuit of my dreams that is getting me exponentially closer to the tomorrow I want?

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