Giving Yourself an 'A' Grade

What if you could give yourself an A grade just for being you?

What if you could wake up each day and before the day begins you decide to give yourself a grade of A for the day to come. Deciding on a positive outcome before daily grind. Showing up. Working. Making a difference without question, comparison, doubt or second thoughts.

When failure is not a possibility, you can be free to be your best, without question or second-guessing to create what’s amazingly possible for you.

The intentional granted grade of A lifts you off the success/failure ladder and away from a world of measurement into possibility, as written in the book, The Artists Way, which I am devouring (thank you Molly!).

This outcome-based thinking allows you to be all who you are.

It's not about productivity but a mindset that will have you becoming more productive.

Imagine how different your world would be if you woke up certain that today you would be at your best for yourself and those around you.

When you go all in with an A grade you eliminate all of that clutter in your mind that holds you in doubt, judgement and preventing you from being decisive.

When you give yourself a grade of A you let your expertise, experience and intuition be your guide.

That A grade you give yourself is the best kind of love you can gift yourself.

Then ask: ‘Who needs me on my A game today?’. Being in service to others is another gift you can give yourself.

Give yourself a grade of A today and start showing up as her. See the change in you that will light you up and those around you.

It’s about having the cojones to show up as the

brightest, happiest, badassiest version of yourself,

whatever that looks like to you.”

Jen Sincero, You are a Badass

My badass self just gave me an A grade before I wrote this.

Start your Sunday with an A grade, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.....


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