Are You a Dreamer? Are You a Doer?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Dreams come from an open mind where we see the possibilities for ourselves and for our future.

What’s the difference between people who achieve their dreams and those who don’t?

Dreamer’s stay in their wishful hopeful thinking.

Doers take action to crystalize those dreams. They move them out of the head and put intention behind them with structure and steps towards achieving them – with a plan.

Sounds easy. Of course a plan is needed. Yet, too many people don’t make the plan. They continue to dream and hope that dream will show up somehow. Or they make a plan in their head, and guess what, just like their dreams it stays in their head.

People spend more time planning their vacations than they do making a plan for their extraordinary life.

Think on that.

Sometimes we think we have made a plan. ‘I’m going to lose the weight this time. I’ll go to the gym. I’ll eat less.’ We declare New Year’s resolutions, yet after a few weeks of going to the gym and a few more salads, February arrives and the scale has not budged or worse yet gone in the other direction. No concrete plan leads to no real results. Worst of all plans like this lead to negative self-talk and disappointment which can present itself in shame.

The cycle of self-defeat.

Doers make promises to themselves that are not broken. Life coach and best-selling author, Rachel Hollis says: Never break a promise to yourself.

Doers start by writing down in detail with measurement and points accountability a path to an outcome. Doers share their dream and their plan with someone. When we share our goals we are 5x more likely to make it become a reality. Get out of the comfort zone and internal fear-talk and share. Your dreams are waiting.

Doers don’t get distracted.

’Your setting yourself up for failure.’ That’s our inner critic talking. It’s fed by previous disappointments. It thinks it is protecting us. That’s what we tell ourselves out of fear of making our dreams come true.

When you change your perspective, you’ll change your life full of dreams into a life of action.

I believe that anything is possible when it is written optimistically and is broken down by small decisions and the small steps.

Do you have a dream to one day write a book? What is stopping your opening the computer or taking pen to paper?

100 words a day over 333 days (less than a year) is enough to publish a book. That’s 20 minutes a day. Stop scrolling Instagram and start using your time turn your dreams into your next great accomplishment. Wake up 20 minutes early. Write for 20 minutes before you go to bed. Write on the train commute to work. You can find the 20 minutes.

Plans are not just a vision board or a vision statement. My vision statements have given me the encouragement and confidence to life my extraordinary life. Vision statements get you psyched up, but without a plan of action they are merely dreams on a page.

Doers — those who achieve their dreams — are in constant pursuit of learning, and have learned how to generate results with a plan.

1. Plans that are outlined with small steps and small decisions.

2. Small steps that are measurable, achievable, repeatable.

3. Small decisions that are not put off by worry due to size and expectation, but are by made after careful pro/con consideration in pursuit of continuously moving forward.

4. Momentum begins out of the comfort zone. Small steps and small decisions are NOT meant to keep you in a comfort zone. To achieve any dream requires pushing out of the comfort zone. When we do we learn, we are empowered and we build confidence.

5. Plans need to have intention, action and most of all DISCIPLINE. With discipline habits are created. Positive habits are like gifts to ourselves. They become unconscious fuel in our life.

Find that 20 minutes today. Put your dream down on paper. Feed it with the possibilities. Turn the what if into what is.

Make this be the year where you get out of your head and into the life where your dreams become your extraordinary.

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