Life is Made up of Boulders and Stones

The climb of life never straight. It's full of twists and turns, littered with boulders and stones to be navigated with care. How you react on the path is the difference between staying in place or thriving forward. Today, I'm kicking the stones of great opportunity on a new road I named ‘the extraordinary life.'


After years of working my butt off, I achieved C-Suite status.  I thought the higher up the ladder the effort would get easier, and I'd feel what you are suppose to feel when you've 'arrived'. I'd come up the ranks at big name media brand navigating corporate crisis, divorce, death, single-motherhood, job loss and health issues. 

I looked happy, put together, accomplished and in love with life when inside I was desperately searching for more. On paper, I was perfect when I was perfectly miserable. 

I ached with a longing for something more.  My inner me didn't match my outer me.  My life was busy with stressors and some of life's biggest challenges. The daily hamster wheel had become my default.  
I thought if I worked harder things would come together. 

I wanted to live for me and not for the expectations of others, but struggled to find the clarity of what was possible.  The weight of responsibility professionally and personally was leaving me breathless.  When would I take responsibility for myself? To feel joy again seemed out of reach.  

Then, the boulder of cancer hit on April Fool's Day.  

After three decades in the corporate world and a diagnosis of AML Leukemia, I slowed down and did the work to uncover the red thread of my life's journey. It was a combination of radical acceptance and grit to recognize who I was and what I wanted. Setting boundaries along with expectations for myself and others. Coming out, I've risen with confidence, clarity, and declared a bold vision for my future.  

I learned through life's transitions that to live joyfully means a mind shift and a narrative only the writer can write.  I knew that I couldn't prepare for life's messes, but I could prepare for how I showed up every day in pursuit of the life I wanted to create. 

Today, I'm following my passion -- the red thread woven throughout my life that I discovered on y journey -- for helping high achievers and mission driven companies rediscover their joy and lead themselves and their business to scale sustainably.  Making a difference in pursuit of a legacy built on creating the life I claimed while creating lasting impact for others. 

How I Got to Where I am Now

Christina is a passionate entrepreneur, mentor and coach. After 30 years running sales and marketing teams at big name media brands including Martha Stewart Living and Fast Company, she now helps people and businesses achieve more than they thought possible. She is known for building great brands and strengthening and sharpening teams and talent. She is a life-long learner who welcomes a challenge and is driven to make big things happen for both companies and people. Her mission is to help others achieve their ‘extraordinary,’ even when life gets in the way. 


Christina is a graduate of the University of Delaware, where she earned a degree in Communications. She lives in Summit, NJ, with her husband. They share five children as well as a successful home improvement business.  Christina is on the board of the Connie Dwyer Breast Cancer Foundation. 


She is living her extraordinarily fulfilled life one day at a time.